5,803. 4/23/2004

“In his April 23 [2004] televised address to the Iraqi people, [Director of Reconstruction in Iraq Paul] Bremer announced three policy adjustments that responded to the concerns of U.S. civilian and military officials about the need to bring in the Sunnis. First, he expressed a willingness to welcome back officers and soldiers who had ‘served honorably,’ indicating that the top generals were now being ‘drawn almost entirely from the many honorable men of the former Iraqi Army.’ Second, he acknowledged as ‘legitimate’ the complaints he had heard that de-Baathification had been ‘applied unevenly and unjustly,’ and he promised to expedite the review of appeals and the reinstatement of thousands of teachers and professors who had felt compelled to join the party. Third, he declared that the Coalition was streamlining the processing of detainees and was providing information about individual detainees at police stations, courthouses, and on the CPA [Coalition Provisional Authority] Web site.”

 – Larry Diamond, Squandered Victory, Pages 271-272

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