4,978. 4/16/2003

While giving a speech on the progress on the war at the Boeing Integrated Defense Systems Headquarters, President George W. Bush said: “In Afghanistan, we and our allies ended the rule of the Taliban and closed down camps where terrorists plotted and trained to attack us. In Iraq, our coalition has now removed an ally of terrorists and a producer of weapons of mass destruction. In other nations we’re hunting and capturing members of al Qaeda, disrupting their plans before they can strike. Across the world, terrorists and tyrants are learning this — that America and our friends and our allies will act in our own defense. Instead of drifting toward tragedy, we will protect our security, and we will promote the peace in the world.”

 – Transcript, “President Bush Outlines Progress in Operation Iraqi Freedom,” George W. Bush – White House Archives online, Accessed on 7/18/2016

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