1,977. 4/15/2001

Lead 9/11 hijacker Mohammed “Atta, it was alleged [by the Interior Ministry of the Czech Republic], had even tried to enter Prague in the summer of 2000 but had been turned away because he did not have a valid visa. The Czechs were now reporting that, having acquired the proper travel documentation, Atta had returned to Prague in April 2001, where he was said to have met with Ahmed al-Ani, an Iraqi intelligence official whom the Czech authorities were about to expel. Ani, who worked as a second consul at the Iraqi embassy in Prague, was suspected of ‘engaging in activities beyond his diplomatic duties,’ the euphemism used to denote espionage.” [The 15th of the month used for date sorting purposes only.]

 – Con Coughlin, Saddam: His Rise and Fall, Page xxvi

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