4,703. 3/7/2003

As stated in “The Report of the Iraq Inquiry – Executive Summary”: “810. … -Lord Goldsmith’s formal advice of 7 March set out alternative interpretations of the legal effect of resolution 1441. While Lord Goldsmith remained “of the opinion that the safest legal course would be to secure a second resolution”, he concluded (paragraph 28) that ‘a reasonable case can be made that resolution 1441 was capable of reviving the authorization in resolution without a further resolution’.
-Lord Goldsmith wrote that a reasonable case did not mean that if the matter ever came to court, he would be confident that the court would agree with this view. He judged a court might well conclude that OPs 4 and 12 required a further Security Council
[UK] decision in order to revive the authorization in resolution.”

 – Commissioned by the Prime Minister The Right Honourable Gordon Brown MP, “The Report of the Iraq Inquiry: Executive Summary,” IraqInquiry.org.uk, March 7, 2003

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