4,810. 3/18/2003

U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair said, while speaking to the House of Commons on July 14, 2004: ” ‘Through all the conversations I had with [chief UN weapons inspector] Hans Blix, he never once suggested to me that Saddam Hussein was complying fully [with UN resolutions to disarm]. He used to say, *Well, he’s co-operating a bit,* and I would say, *That’s not enough,* …Then came the argument that we should give him more time, and I said, *Okay, let’s give him more time, but tied to an ultimatum. If we don’t tie it to an ultimatum, he’s never going to do it.* …on 18 March [2003], we were faced with either another UN resolution that would have been meaningless, or taking action. That is what we did.’ ”

 – Clare Short, An Honourable Deception?, Page 249

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