1,908. 2/8/2001

“A briefing memo circulated on February 8, 2001, by the Project on Defense Alternatives…challenged military planners to address the three ‘paradoxes’ of post-Cold War U.S. policy: first, that ‘defense spending has remained near Cold War levels…and is now rising, despite the continuing decline in the magnitude of military threats to U.S. interests’; second, that ‘Ten years have passed [since the collapse of the Soviet Union] but our armed forces remain poorly adapted to the challenges and opportunities of the new era’; and third, that the forward projection of American forces around the world, rather than providing stability, have ‘sown dissent among allies and stimulated anti-Americanism among those outside the western sphere. …These dynamics portend a dangerous combination of weakened alliances and increased tensions.’ ”

 – John Farmer, The Ground Truth, Page 83

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