7,839. 2/28/2017

“Counting the value of lives lost as well as property damage and lost production of goods and services, losses already exceed $100 billion. Including the loss in stock market wealth — the market’s own estimate arising from expectations of lower corporate profits and higher discount rates for economic volatility — the price tag approaches $2 trillion. 
Among the big-ticket items:
-The loss of four civilian aircraft valued at $385 million.
-The destruction of major buildings in the World Trade Center with a replacement cost of from $3 billion to $4.5 billion. 
-Damage to a portion of the Pentagon: up to $1 billion. 
-Cleanup costs: $1.3 billion. 
-Property and infrastructure damage: $10 billion to $13 billion. 
-Federal emergency funds (heightened airport security, sky marshals, government takeover of airport security, retrofitting aircraft with anti-terrorist devices, cost of operations in Afghanistan): $40 billion. 
-Direct job losses amounted to 83,000, with $17 billion in lost wages. 
-The amount of damaged or unrecoverable property hit $21.8 billion. 
-Losses to the city of New York (lost jobs, lost taxes, damage to infrastructure, cleaning): $95 billion.
-Losses to the insurance industry: $40 billion. 
-Loss of air traffic revenue: $10 billion. 
-Fall of global markets: incalculable.”

 – IAGS.org, “How much did the September 11 terrorist attack cost America?” IAGS.org [The Institute for the Analysis of Global Security,] Accessed on 2/28/2017

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