4,637. 2/27/2003

“Elie Weisel, writer, survivor of Auschwitz and Nobel Peace Prize winner, came to see [National Security Advisor Condoleezza] Rice on February 27 [2003], and the president [Bush] dropped by her office…Weisel told the president that Iraq was a terrorist state and that the moral imperative was for intervention. …’It’s a moral issue. In the name of morality, how can we not intervene?’…Bush told Weisel, ‘If we don’t disarm Saddam Hussein, he will put a weapon of mass destruction on Israel and they will do what they think they have to do, and we have to avoid that.’…In the face of such evils, neutrality was impossible, Weisel said. Indecision only promoted and assisted the evil and the aggressor, not the victims. ‘I’m against silence’ [said Wiesel].”

 – Bob Woodward, Plan of Attack, Page 320

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