5,640. 2/21/2004

In his February 21, 2004, Radio Address President Bush said: “Saddam Hussein doubted our resolve to enforce our word. Now he sits in a prison cell while his country moves toward a democratic future. Today in Iraq, our coalition faces deadly attacks from a remnant of Saddam’s supporters, joined by foreign terrorists. Recently we intercepted a letter sent by a senior al Qaeda associate named Zarqawi, to one of Osama bin Laden’s top lieutenants. The letter describes a terrorist strategy, to tear Iraq apart with ethnic violence, to undermine Iraqi security forces, to demoralize our coalition and to prevent the rise of a sovereign, democratic government. This terrorist outlines his efforts to recruit and train suicide bombers, and boasts of 25 attacks on innocent Iraqis and coalition personnel. And he urges al Qaeda members to join him in waging war on our coalition and on the people of Iraq.”

 – George W Bush, “President’s Radio Address,” George W Bush – White House Archive, February 21, 2004, Accessed 8-16-16

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