1,919. 2/16/2001

During a Joint Press Conference with President Vicente Fox of Mexico, on February 16, 2001, President George W. Bush was asked by Ron Fournier about his policy toward Iraq, Saddam, and his first military action as president, to which he replied, “Mr. Fournier, Saddam Hussein has got to understand that we expect him to conform to the agreement that he signed after Desert Storm. We will enforce the no-fly zone, both south and north. Our intention is to make sure that the world is as peaceful as possible. And we’re going to watch very carefully as to whether or not he develops weapons of mass destruction, and if we catch him doing so we’ll take the appropriate action.”

 – Transcript, “Remarks by President George W. Bush and President Vicente Fox of Mexico in Joint Press Conference,” George W. Bush – White House Archives online, Accessed on 6/1/2016

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