5,623. 2/15/2004

” ‘It is incomprehensible why this [Bush] administration has refused to aggressively pursue the leads that our [joint] inquiry [investigating the 9/11 attacks] developed,’ fumes Senator Bob Graham [D-FL], the former co-chairman of the inquiry, which ended in 2003. The Bush White House has ignored all but one or two of the joint inquiry’s 19 urgent recommendations to make the nation safer against the next attempted terrorist attack. The White House also allowed large portions of the inquiry’s final report to be censored (redacted), claiming national security, so that even some members of the current 9/11 commission–whose mandate was to build on the work of the congressional panel–cannot read the evidence. Senator Graham snorted, ‘It’s absurd.’ ”

 – Gail Sheehy, “Stewardess ID’d Hijackers Early, Transcripts Show,” The New York Observer, Feb. 15, 2004

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