4,552. 2/11/2003

“On February 11, 2003, bin Laden sent a letter to the Iraqi people, broadcast via the satellite network al Jazeera, warning them to prepare for the ‘Crusaders’ war to occupy one of Islam’s former capitals, loot Muslim riches, and install a stooge regime to follow its masters in Washington and Tel Aviv to pave the way for the establishment of Greater Israel.’ He advised the Iraqis to prepare for a long struggle against invading forces and engage in ‘urban and street warfare’ and emphasized ‘the importance of martyrdom operations which have inflicted unprecedented harm on America and Israel.’ He even encouraged the jihadists in Iraq to work with ‘the socialist infidels’–the Baathists–in a ‘convergence of interests.’ “

 – Foreign Affairs, The U.S. vs. al Qaeda, Pages 187-188

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