7,669. 1/7/2011

In Spain, “This past Friday [January 7, 2011], the Center for Constitutional Rights filed papers urging Judge Eloy Velasco to do what the United States will not: prosecute the ‘Bush Six,’ the group of senior Bush-era government lawyers led by then–Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, for violating international law by creating a legal framework that aided and abetted the torture of suspected terrorists.” Other members of the Bush Six are David Addington (Vice President Dick Cheney’s legal counsel), Jay Bybee (former Assistant Attorney General), Douglas Feith (former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy), William Haynes (former General Counsel) and John Yoo (former Deputy Assistant Attorney General).

 – Nancy Goldstein, “Will Bush’s Torture Memo Team Face Justice in Spain?,” The Nation, Jan. 12, 2011

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