5,589. 1/28/2004

After resigning as chief weapons inspector for Iraq, David “Kay testified publicly before the Senate Armed Services Committee on January 28 [2004]. …’We were almost all wrong, and I certainly include myself.’ Kay said 85 percent of the work was done and he had no reason to believe they ever would find WMD stockpiles in Iraq. ‘It is important to acknowledge failure.’ Kay said. ‘We missed it because the Iraqis actually behaved like they had weapons,’ Kay said. …Saddam didn’t have WMD but wanted to appear as if he did. His purpose was deception…the CIA had not understood the utter corruption within the system and the deterioration of Iraq’s society, Kay said. Things had gotten so bad that the regime itself was not capable of purposeful development of WMD programs.”

 – Bob Woodward, State of Denial, Pages 278-279

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