3,169. 12/7/2001

In an article that appeared in the National Review Online on December 7, 2001, former National Security Council Advisor Michael Ledeen wrote: “The U.S. must be ‘imperious, ruthless, and relentless,’ he argued, until there has been ‘total surrender’ by the Muslim world. ‘We must keep our fangs bared,’ he wrote, ‘we must remind them daily that we Americans are in a rage, and we will not rest until we have avenged our dead, we will not be sated until we have had the blood of every miserable little tyrant in the Middle East, until every leader of every cell of the terror network is dead or locked securely away, and every last drooling anti-Semitic and anti-American mullah, imam, sheikh, and ayatollah is either singing the praises of the United States of America, or pumping gasoline, for a dime a gallon, on an American military base near the Arctic Circle.’ ”

 – Craig Unger, The Fall of the House of Bush, Page 232

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