6,541. 12/5/2005

To determine if the U.S. government is now able to prevent another 9/11 scenario, the 9/11 Public Discourse Project presented a briefing on December 5, 2005: ” ‘Many obvious steps that the American people assume have been completed, have not been. Our leadership is distracted. Some of these failures are shocking. Four years after 9/11: It is scandalous that police and firefighters in large cities still cannot communicate reliably in a major crisis. It is scandalous that airline passengers are still not screened against all names on the terrorist watch list. It is scandalous that we still allocate scarce homeland security dollars on the basis of pork barrel spending, not risk. …We believe that the terrorists will strike again. If they do, and these reforms have not been implemented, what will our excuses be? While the terrorists are learning and adapting, our government is still moving at a crawl.’ ”

 – Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, Without Precedent, Pages 341-342

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