4,256. 12/2/2002

President George W. Bush on the U.N.’s weapons inspection of Iraq: “As the U.N. weapons inspections process gets underway, we must remember that inspections will not — will only work — will only work if Iraq fully complies. You see, the inspectors are not in Iraq to play hide and seek with Mr. Saddam Hussein. Inspectors do not have the duty or the ability to uncover terrible weapons hidden in a vast country. The responsibility of inspectors is simply to confirm the evidence of voluntary and total disarmament. It is Saddam Hussein who has the responsibility to provide that evidence as directed, and in full. Any act of delay, deception, or defiance will prove that Saddam Hussein has not adopted the path of compliance and has rejected the path of peace.”

 – George W. Bush, “President Signs National Defense Authorization Act,” George W. Bush – White House Archives online, Accessed on 7/14/2016

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