4,304. 12/18/2002

On December 18, 2002, Democracy Now! revealed: “The portions of the [Iraq weapons program] UN report [that were] censored by the United States identified at least twenty-four U.S. corporations that helped Iraq build its pre-Gulf War weapons programs and rockets. The list includes
Bechtel (conventional);
DuPont (nuclear);
Eastman Kodak (rocket);
Hewlett-Packard (nuclear, rocket, conventional);
Honeywell (rocket, conventional);
International Computer Systems (nuclear, rocket, conventional);
Rockwell (conventional);
Sperry Corp. (rocket, conventional);
Tektronix (rocket, nuclear);
Unisys (nuclear, conventional).”

 – Amy Goodman with David Goodman, The Exception to the Rulers, Pages 33-34

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