1,434. 12/18/1998

Former CIA Director George Tenet quoted one of eight personal letters he wrote to President Bill Clinton and most of the national security community during his tenure: “In the first letter, dated December 18, 1998, I wrote: ‘I am greatly concerned by recent intelligence reporting indicating that Usama Bin Ladin [UBL] is planning to conduct another attack against US personnel or facilities soon…possibly over the next few days. One of Bin Ladin’s deputies has used code words we associated with terrorist operations to order colleagues in East Africa to complete their work.’ In the letter, I noted that Bin Ladin’s organization had a presence in more than sixty countries and had forged ties with Sunni extremists around the world. The letter went on to say that UBL was interested in conducting attacks inside the United States or within the territory of allies such as the United Kingdom, France, and Israel.”

 – George Tenet with Bill Harlow, At the Center of the Storm, Page 122

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