4,305. 12/17/2002

On December 17, 2002, head of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, David Brant, reported the problems with prisoner abuse at Guantanamo to General Counsel of the U.S. Navy, Alberto Mora. “…Brant had already conveyed the allegations about Guantanamo to Army leaders, since they had command authority over the military interrogators, and to the Air Force, too. But he said that nobody seemed to care. …Brant told Mora that he had come because he didn’t want his team of investigators to ‘in any way observe, condone, or participate in any level of physical or in-depth psychological abuse. No slapping, deprivation of water, heat, dogs, psychological abuse. Later, he explained, ‘I didn’t know or care what the rules were that had been set by the Department of Defense at that point. We were going to do what was morally, ethically, and legally permissible.’ ”

 – Jane Mayer, The Dark Side, Pages 215-216

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