7,161. 12/15/2007

Coverage of classified State Department documents exposed by WikiLeaks focused on misappropriated military aid sent by the U.S. to Pakistan. “In December [15] 2007 US diplomats reported multiple instances where ‘funds have been diverted and reimbursed claims figures have been seriously inflated.’ Despite $55m for helicopter maintenance, sometimes only two Cobra helicopter gunships were ready to fly. Although $335m had been given for medical care and a fleet of 26 helicopters, the frontier corps still had no medical rescue service. The army claimed $70m for radar maintenance even though the Taliban have no air attack capability, and a ‘highly suspect’ $26m for barbed wire. When the CSF [coalition support funds] payments slowed in January [20] 2009 [Pakistani General Ashfaq] Kayani spoke candidly about the matter with [Commander of Multi-National Forces in Iraq] General David Petraeus, a cable reported. Most of the military funds had been diverted to the federal government, he said.”

 – Declan Walsh, “Coverage of Classified State Department Documents Exposed by WikiLeaks Focused on Misappropriated Military Aid Sent by the U.S. to Pakistan,” The Guardian, April 19, 2007

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