4,285. 12/15/2002

According to the Joint Inquiry Committee’s Final Report, issued in December 2002, CIA Director George Tenet said: ” ‘In hindsight, I wish I had said, *Let’s take the whole [al Qaeda] enterprise down* and put five hundred more people there sooner.’ …’We never had enough officers from the Directorate of Operations,’ recalled one former chief of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center. ‘The officers we had were greatly overworked. …We also received marginal analytic support from the Directorate of Intelligence.’ Tenet felt the CIA’s budget needed an infusion of about $1 billion annually for at least five years, but when he advocated for these numbers at the White House and in classified hearings on Capitol Hill, he ‘never got to first base.’ “ [The 15th of the month used for date sorting purposes only.]

 – Steve Coll, Ghost Wars, Page 437

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