3,207. 12/15/2001

“After a few weeks, in December 2001, they [David Wurmser and Mike Maloof of the Policy Counter Terrorism Evaluation Group] produced a fat set of PowerPoint slides, each crammed with information on financial, operational, ideological, or other connections among terrorist groups and their state and nonstate supporters. This information had been developed through a careful reading of the existing intelligence provided by the intelligence agencies. Out of the roughly 150 slides, only nine mentioned possible contacts between Iraq and al Qaida. The data in the briefing slides were all footnoted to intelligence community reports, not to any information collected independently by my [Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith’s] organization or anyone else.” [The 15th of the month used for date sorting purposes only.]

 – Douglas Feith, War and Decision, Page 117

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