7,295. 12/1/2008

In an interview with Charlie Gibson on December 1, 2008, when President Bush was asked if he could have one ‘do-over’ as President, he replied: “[T]he biggest regret of all the presidency has to have been the intelligence failure in Iraq. A lot of people put their reputations on the line and said the weapons of mass destruction is a reason to remove Saddam Hussein. It wasn’t just people in my administration; a lot of members in Congress, prior to my arrival in Washington, D.C., during the debate on Iraq, a lot of leaders of nations around the world were all looking at the same intelligence. And, you know, that’s not a do-over, but I wish the intelligence had been different, I guess.”

 – Lauren Sher, “Bush: ‘I Did Not Compromise My Principles,'” ABC News, Dec. 1, 2008

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