3,307. 1/19/2002

“On January 19, 2002, [Secretary of Defense] Donald Rumsfeld issued another detailed unclassified memo to the senior DoD [Department of Defense] staff outlining his views on the direction of the war on terror. He began by asserting that, ‘despite the September 11th terrorist attacks, or attacks that may occur in the future, the U.S. will not pull back or withdraw–the U.S. will stay engaged in the world.’ He went on to make the case for preemption as the best self-defense against terrorism, arguing that the campaign will be…’long, hard and difficult.’ ‘The U.S. will not rule out anything–including the use of ground forces,’ he asserted. ‘The U.S. is ready and willing to put boots on the ground when and where appropriate.’ In that vein he also wrote, ‘The link between global terrorist networks and nations on the terrorist list that have active WMD [weapons of mass destruction] capabilities is real, and composes a serious threat to the world; it points up the urgency of the effort against terrorism.’ He emphasized the [Bush] administration’s declaratory policy that ‘the U.S. is against global terrorists and countries that harbor terrorists,’ and then quoted the president: ‘You are either with us or against us.’

 – Dov S. Zakheim, A Vulcan’s Tale, Page 127

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