6,609. 1/15/2006

In January 2006, "concerned about Congress, the press, and the public using the terms 'warrantless wiretapping' and 'warrantless surveillance' to refer to the [NSA (National Security Agency)] program, [President] Bush attempted to rebrand it. His new name was the 'Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP),' something it had never been called before. Later, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales would obliquely make a distinction. He would indicate that the TSP–mostly voice and data eavesdropping activities–was the program that began around April 2004, following reforms after the infamous [then-Attorney General John] Ashcroft hospital visit. The NSA program that was in existence from October 2001 until then–largely highly questionable data mining activities–he would simply call 'other intelligence activities.' " [The 15th of the month used for date sorting purposes only.]

 РJames Bamford, The Shadow Factory, 289

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