1,640. 1/15/2000

“In early March 2000, [CIA intelligence in] Bangkok [Thailand] reported that [future 9/11 hijacker] Nawaf al Hazmi…had departed [from Bangkok] on January 15 [2000] on a United Airlines flight to Los Angeles. As for [fellow hijacker] Khalid al Mihdhar, there was no report of his departure even though he had accompanied Hazmi on the United flight to Los Angeles. No one outside of the Counterterrorist Center was told any of this. The CIA did not try to register Mihdhar or Hamzi with the State Department’s TIPOFF watchlist–either in January, when word arrived of Mihdhar’s visa, or in March, when word came that Hamzi, too, had had a U.S. visa and a ticket to Los Angeles. None of this information…went to the FBI, and nothing more was done to track any of the three [the third being African embassy bombing planner Khallad] until January 2001.”

 – 9/11 Commission, The 9/11 Commission Report, Pages 181-182

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