7,292. 11/26/2008

On November 26, 2008, “10 gunmen were roaming the Indian city of Mumbai, effectively holding its 15 million people captive. The gunmen created a spectacle of chaos and violence on live television for about 60 hours. …When the gunfire ended, the body count totaled 175, including six American citizens. The siege had been organized by a group called Lakshar-e-Taiba, which means Army of the Pure and is commonly referred to by the acronym LeT. …Intelligence showed that ties between LeT and al Qaeda were increasing. The open secret is that LeT was created and continues to be funded and protected by the Pakistani ISI [Inter-Services Intelligence]. The intelligence branch of the Pakistani military uses LeT to inflict pain and hardship on India, according to U.S. intelligence.”

 – Bob Woodward, Obama’s War, Pages 44-45

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