5,491. 11/17/2003

According to The Washington Post on November 17, 2003: “…a message claiming to emanate from Al-Qaeda accepted responsibility for the [November 15 Turkish] suicide bombings and warned: ‘We tell the criminal [President] Bush and his Arab and Western tails–especially Britain, Italy, Australia and Japan–that the cars of death will not stop in Baghdad, Riyadh, Istanbul, Nasiriyah [where a suicide bomber killed 19 Italian troops on November 12] and Jakarta–until you see them with your own eyes in the middle of the capital of the tyrant of this era, America.’ The message was signed by the Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades, named after Osama’s military chief who was killed by a missile in November 2001 in Afghanistan.”

 – Jonathan Randal, Osama, Page 280

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