7,656. 11/15/2010

 “…the centerpiece article in the November 2010 issue of Inspire, the English-language online magazine produced by the militant group al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), began as follows: ‘Two Nokia phones, $150 each, two HP printers, $300 each, plus shipping, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses add up to a total bill of $4,200. That is all that Operation Hemorrhage [the cargo plane bomb plot of October 29, 2010] cost us. …On the other hand this supposedly ‘foiled plot,’ as some of our enemies would like to call it, will without a doubt cost America and other Western countries billions of dollars in new security measures.’ “ [The 15th of the month used for date sorting purposes only.]

 – Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Bin Laden’s Legacy, Page 3

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