4,223. 11/15/2002

“As part of the Bush administration’s rendition program, some terrorism suspects were transferred to countries where torture is known to be used. The C.I.A. has declined to say publicly where [Ethiopian national] Mr. [Binyam] Mohamed was held and has denied that it ever engaged in or condoned torture. Mr. Mohamed has said that he was in Morocco for 18 months, during which time [in November 2002] his captors used scalpels to cut his chest and genitals. ‘I was in agony, crying, trying desperately to suppress myself, but I was screaming,’ Mr. Mohamed said this month [March 8, 2009] in an interview with The Mail on Sunday, a British newspaper. ‘There was blood all over,’ he added. ‘They cut all my private parts.’ “ [The 15th of the month used for date sorting purposes only.]

 – Raymond Bonner, “Plea Bargain Was Weighed for Guantanamo Detainee,” The New York Times, March 23, 2009

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