4,068. 10/7/2002

President Bush made a speech in Cincinnati, Ohio, on October 7, 2002. ” ‘Many Americans have raised legitimate questions about the nature of the [Iraqi] threat, about the urgency of action–why be concerned now–about the link between Iraq developing weapons of terror and the wider war on terrorism,’ Bush said. The danger was real, he insisted, and would ‘only grow worse with time.’ Iraq not only possessed stocks of WMD but also had ballistic missiles that could carry them to nearby countries. Iraq was also exploring the use of UAVs–unmanned aerial vehicles–that could reach the United States. But ‘of course, sophisticated delivery systems aren’t required for a chemical or biological attack,’ he warned. ‘All that might be required are a small container and one terrorist or Iraqi intelligence operative to deliver it. And that is the source of our urgent concern about Saddam Hussein’s links to international terrorist groups.’ ”

 – Karen DeYoung, Soldier: The Life of Colin Powell, Page 423

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