1,737. 10/7/2000

“Documents captured during the [Iraq] war provide evidence that Iraq also took an active role in training terrorists. The regime’s paramilitary organization, the Fedayeen Saddam, opened camps in 1994 to teach paramilitary skills to thousands of volunteers each year. In later years, according to one official Iraqi document captured by U.S. forces after Saddam’s overthrow [dated October 7, 2000, and titled ‘Correspondence from Presidential Office to Secretary General of the Fedayeen Saddam Regarding Foreign Arab Volunteers’], the Fedayeen Saddam brought Arab volunteers from Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, the Gulf, and Syria to those camps for training. (Where the volunteers went after their training remains unclear.) This terrorist training was supported by the Iraqi Intelligence Service, which not only directed Iraq’s ongoing bioweapons work but also operated ‘covert laboratories to research and test various chemicals and poisons’–suggesting a potential connection between terrorist operations and biochemical programs.”

 – Douglas Feith, War and Decision, Pages 187-188

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