4,043. 10/4/2002

Following the release of the classified National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on October 1, 2002, Senator Bob Graham (D-FL) called for an unclassified version as well. The edited, unclassified ‘White Paper‘ was released by the CIA on October 4, 2002, with some notable changes. “When the 2002 NIE report…was declassified in part in July 2003 and April 2004, we learned that it said, for instance: ‘We judge that Iraq has continued its weapons of mass destruction programs in defiance of UN resolutions…’ [President] Bush’s White Paper…deleted the words ‘We judge that’ (words that clearly signified this was merely a CIA opinion) and started with the words ‘Iraq has continued its weapons of mass destruction programs…’ ”

 – Vincent Bugliosi, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, Page 112

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