7,630. 10/22/2010

“Although US generals have claimed their army does not carry out body counts and British ministers still say no official statistics exist, the war logs [exposed by WikiLeaks on October 22, 2010] show these claims are untrue. The field reports purport to identify all civilian and insurgent casualties, as well as numbers of coalition forces wounded and killed in action. They give a total of more than 109,000 violent deaths from all causes between 2004 and the end of 2009. This includes 66,081 civilians, 23,984 people classed as ‘enemy’ and 15,196 members of the Iraqi security forces. Another 3,771 dead US and allied soldiers complete the body count.”

 – Nick Davies, Jonathan Steele, and David Leigh, “Iraq War Logs: Secret Files Show How US Ignored Torture,” The Guardian, Oct 22, 2010

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