297. 10/2/1989

On October 2, 1989, President George H.W. Bush signed National Security Directive 26, titled ‘U.S. Policy Toward the Persian Gulf.’ It read, ” ‘Access to Persian Gulf oil and the security of key friendly states in the area are vital to U.S. national security. The United States remains committed to defend its vital interests in the region, if necessary and appropriate through the use of U.S. military force, against the Soviet Union or any other regional power with interests inimical to our own. The United States also remains committed to support the individual and collective self-defense of friendly countries in the area to enable them to play a more active role in their own defense and thereby reduce the necessity for unilateral U.S. military intervention. The United States also will encourage the effective support and participation of our western allies and Japan to promote our mutual interests in the Persian Gulf region.’ ”

 – Richard N. Haass, War of Necessity, War of Choice, Page 46

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