4,005. 10/1/2002

The Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) is a division of the State Department that has clearance to view intelligence gathered by all other agencies. “At the end of the Key Judgments section of the NIE [National Intelligence Estimate of October 1, 2002], a textbox was included, with the title ‘State/INR Alternative View.’ ‘In INR’s view Iraq’s efforts to acquire aluminum tubes is central to the argument that Baghdad is reconstituting its nuclear weapons program, but INR is not persuaded that the tubes in question [a Chinese shipment of tubes to Iraq that was intercepted by Jordanian police in May 2001] are intended for use as centrifuge rotors. …INR considers it far more likely that the tubes are intended for another purpose, most likely the production of artillery rockets.’ ”

 – Philip Taylor, The War in Iraq, Page 52

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