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7,829. 10/16/2013

“About half a million people died in Iraq as a result of war-related causes between the US-led invasion in 2003 and mid-2011, an academic study suggests. … The study – by researchers from the University of Washington, Johns Hopkins University, Simon Fraser University and Mustansiriya University – covers March 2003 until June 2011, six months before the US withdrawal. … The study concludes that more than 60% of the estimated 461,000 excess deaths were directly attributable to violence, with the rest associated with the collapse of infrastructure and other indirect causes. These include the failures of health, sanitation, transportation, communication and other systems.”

– “Iraq study estimates war-related deaths at 461,000,”, 10/16/2013

7,827. 6/7/2013

“The results from a new poll commissioned by the British media watchdog group MediaLens exposed a startling disconnect between the realities of the Iraq War and public perceptions of it: Namely, what the Iraqi death toll was. … These answers are, of course, way off the mark. Estimates of the death toll range from about 174,000 (Iraq Body Count, 3/19/13) to over a million (Opinion Business Research, cited in Congressional Research Service, 10/7/10). Even at the times of those U.S. polls, death estimates were far beyond the public’s estimates.”

– Rebecca Hellmich, “How Many Iraqis Died in the Iraq War?,” 6/7/2013

7,811. 9/1/2011

“More than 18,000 people are suffering from illnesses linked to the dust from the attacks on New York’s World Trade Center on 11 September 2001.
The figure comes from the US government’s monitoring and treatment programme for 9/11 emergency workers, volunteers and local residents.
The most common afflictions are respiratory problems including asthma and sinusitis, but muscular and intestinal conditions are reported as well.
The senior US official managing the health legacy of the attacks warns that early deaths are possible among the survivors.”
– David Shukman. “Toxic dust legacy of 9/11 plagues thousands of people,”, 9/1/2011

7,239. 6/10/2008

Article IV “Misleading the American People and Members of Congress To Believe Iraq Posed an Imminent Threat to the United States” of H.Res.1258 “RESOLUTION Impeaching George W. Bush, President of the United States, of high crimes and misdemeanors”: “In his conduct while President of the United States, George W. Bush, … has both personally and acting through his agents and subordinates, together with the Vice President, executed a calculated and wide-ranging strategy to deceive the citizens and Congress of the United States into believing that the nation of Iraq posed an imminent threat to the United States in order to justify the use of the United States Armed Forces against the nation of Iraq in a manner damaging to our national security interests, thereby interfering with and obstructing Congress’s lawful functions of overseeing foreign affairs and declaring war.

The means used to implement this deception were and continue to be, first, allowing, authorizing and sanctioning the manipulation of intelligence analysis by those under his direction and control, including the Vice President and the Vice President’s agents, and second, personally making, or causing, authorizing and allowing to be made through highly-placed subordinates, including the President’s Chief of Staff, the White House Press Secretary and other White House spokespersons, the Secretaries of State and Defense, the National Security Advisor, and their deputies and spokespersons, false and fraudulent representations to the citizens of the United States and Congress regarding an alleged urgent threat posed by Iraq, statements that were half-true, literally true but misleading, and/or made without a reasonable basis and with reckless indifference to their truth, as well as omitting to state facts necessary to present an accurate picture of the truth as follows:

(1) Notwithstanding the complete absence of intelligence analysis to support a claim that Iraq posed an imminent or urgent threat to the United States and the intelligence community’s assessment that Iraq was in fact not likely to attack the United States unless it was itself attacked, President Bush, both personally and through his agents and subordinates, made, allowed and caused to be made repeated false representations to the citizens and Congress of the United States implying and explicitly stating that such a dire threat existed, …

(2) In furtherance of his fraudulent effort to deceive Congress and the citizens of the United States into believing that Iraq and Saddam Hussein posed an imminent threat to the United States, the President allowed and authorized those acting under his direction and control, including Vice President Richard B. Cheney, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and Lewis Libby, who reported directly to both the President and the Vice President, among others, to pressure intelligence analysts to tailor their assessments and to create special units outside of, and unknown to, the intelligence community in order to secretly obtain unreliable information, to manufacture intelligence, or to reinterpret raw data in ways would support the Bush administration’s plan to invade   Iraq based on a false claim of urgency despite the lack of justification for such a preemptive action.

(3) The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report on Whether Public Statements Regarding Iraq by U.S. Government Officials Were Substantiated by Intelligence Information, which was released on June 5, 2008, concluded that: ‘Statements by the President and the Vice President indicating that Saddam Hussein was prepared to give weapons of mass destruction to terrorist groups for attacks against the United States were contradicted by available intelligence information.’

Thus the President willfully and falsely misrepresented Iraq as an urgent threat requiring immediate action thereby subverting the national security interests of the United States by setting the stage for the loss of more than 4,000 United States servicemembers; the injuries to tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers; the deaths of more than 1,000,000 Iraqi citizens since the United States invasion; the loss of approximately $527 billion in war costs which has increased our Federal debt and the ultimate costs of the war between three trillion and five trillion dollars; the loss of military readiness within the United States Armed Services due to overextension, the lack of training and lack of equipment; the loss of United States credibility in world affairs; and the decades of likely blowback created by the invasion of Iraq.

In all of these actions and decisions, President George W. Bush has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President and Commander in Chief, and subversive of constitutional government, to the prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States. Wherefore, President George W. Bush, by such conduct, is guilty of an impeachable offense warranting removal from office.”

– Article IV “Misleading the American People and Members of Congress To Believe Iraq Posed an Imminent Threat to the United States” of H.Res.1258 “RESOLUTION Impeaching George W. Bush, President of the United States, of high crimes and misdemeanors,” introduced by Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH-10), June 10, 2008, and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary June 11, 2008,

6,843. 9/15/2006

President George W. Bush’s thoughts on the Supreme Court ruling that the U.S. must adhere to Article 3 of the Geneva Convention:

“This debate is occurring because of the Supreme Court’s ruling that said that we must conduct ourselves under the Common Article III of the Geneva Convention. And that Common Article III says that there will be no outrages upon human dignity. It’s very vague. What does that mean, ‘outrages upon human dignity’? That’s a statement that is wide open to interpretation. And what I’m proposing is that there be clarity in the law so that our professionals will have no doubt that that which they are doing is legal.”

Mocking the language of the Conventions, he asked: “What does that mean? ‘Outrages upon human dignity’?”

– Transcript, “President George Bush Discusses Iraq in National Press Conference,” George W. Bush – White House Archives, Sept. 15, 2006

6,626. 1/26/2006

President Bush on the reports by the Humans Rights Watch and Amnesty International criticizing the US on their handling of terrorist suspects, “I haven’t seen the report, but if they’re saying we tortured people, they’re wrong. Period…  No American will be allowed to torture another human being anywhere in the world.”

– Transcript, “President George Bush Discusses Iraq in National Press Conference,” George W. Bush – White House Archives, January 26, 2006

6,295. 2/14/2005

“Scott Horton, an expert on international law who helped prepare a report on renditions issued by N.Y.U. Law School and the New York City Bar Association, estimates that a hundred and fifty people have been rendered since 2001. Representative Ed Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts and a member of the Select Committee on Homeland Security, said that a more precise number was impossible to obtain. ‘I’ve asked people at the C.I.A. for numbers,’ he said. ‘They refuse to answer. All they will say is that they’re in compliance with the law.’ “

– Jane Mayer, “Outsourcing Torture The secret history of America’s ‘extraordinary rendition’ program.” New Yorker, Feb. 14, 2005

6,271. 1/27/2005

“In a 40-minute conversation in the Oval Office with correspondents from The New York Times, Mr. Bush, seated in front of a crackling fire, ranged across a number of issues that he is expected to discuss in his State of the Union address next week. … On whether the administration had looser standards for interrogating terrorist suspects outside the United States, he said, ‘Torture is never acceptable,” adding, “nor do we hand over people to countries that do torture.’”

-Elisabeth Bumiller, David E. Sanger, and Richard W. Stevenson, “Bush Says Iraqi Leaders Will Want U.S. Forces to Stay to Help,”, January 28, 2005

5,710. 3/21/2004

In an interview on 60 Minutes on March 21, 2004, Richard Clarke, a former top counterterrorism official, told journalist Lesley Stahl: “No. There’s absolutely no evidence that Iraq was supporting al Qaeda ever.”

“9/11: Before And After, Part 1,” 60 Minutes transcript,, accessed online July 5, 2018

4,881. 3/25/2003

After submitting the Wartime Budget, President Bush stated: “I’ve just met with our leaders here at the Pentagon, who are monitoring the course of our battle to free Iraq and rid that country of weapons of mass destruction [WMD]. Our coalition is on a steady advance. We’re making good progress… Our coalition is strong. It’s bound together by the principle of protecting not only this nation, but all nations from a brutal regime that is armed with weapons that could kill thousands of innocent people. America has more than 200,000 men and women engaged in Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

– George W. Bush, “President Submits Wartime Budget,” George W. Bush – White House Archives online, March 25, 2003