Robin F. Cook bio

1. Name: Robin F. Cook
2. Title: Former Member of Parliament (U.K.), and Leader of the House of Commons
3. Biography:

Robin Cook (Feb. 28, 1946-Aug. 6, 2005) was a long time Member of Parliament (MP) in the United Kingdom, serving for over 22 years before his resignation. As a Member of Parliament, he rose to become the Leader of the House of Commons. Cook also served as Foreign Secretary in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Tony Blair.

He was well-known for his strong opposition to the Iraq war and resigned his post as a Member of Parliament in protest over the United Kingdom’s involvement in the war.

His career as a politician began in 1974 when he was first elected to Parliament on his 28th birthday. Before his entry into politics, Cook worked for a short period as a secondary school teacher after graduating from the University of Edinburgh.

4. Involvement/ Affiliations:
  • Member of Parliament, Livingston, 1983-2005
  • Leader, House of Commons (U.K.), 2001-2003
  • Foreign Secretary, Cabinet of Prime Minister Tony Blair, 1997-2001
  • Former President, Foreign Policy Centre
  • Vice President, America All Party Parliamentary Group
  • Member of Parliament, Edinburgh Central, 1974-1983
  • Councilor, Edinburgh, 1971-1974
  • Lecturer, Workers’ Educational Association, 1971-1974
  • Secretary, City of Edinburgh Labour Party, 1970-1972
  • Teacher, Secondary School, 1970-1971
5. Education:
  • M.A., English Literature, University of Edinburgh, year unknown
  • B.A., English Literature, University of Edinburgh, year unknown
6. Published Works:
  • The Point of Departure: Why One of Britain’s Leading Politicians Resigned over Tony Blair’s Decision to Go to War in Iraq, 2004
  • What Future In NATO?, 1978
7. Contact info:

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