Michael R. Gordon bio

1. Name: Michael R. Gordon
2. Title: Chief Military Correspondent for The New York Times
3. Biography: Michael R. Gordon has worked for The New York Times since 1985, covering conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Chechnya, the Persian Gulf War, and Panama.

He has co-written two best-selling books with Bernard E. Trainor.

4. Involvement/ Affiliations:
  • Chief Military Correspondent, New York Times, 1985-present
5. Education:
  • M.S. Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, year unknown
  • M.A., Philosophy, Columbia University, year unknown
6. Published Works:
  • Cobra II: The Inside Story of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq (Co-written with Bernard E. Trainor), 2006
  • The Generals’ War: The Inside Story of the Conflict in the Gulf (Co-written with Bernard E. Trainor), 1995
7. Contact info: Michael Gordon, Chief Military Correspondent
Website: New York Times

Phone: (202) 862-0324