1,725. 9/21/2000

Osama bin Laden issued another video fatwa on September 21, 2000. “Wearing a dagger, surrounded by al Qaeda’s Egyptian leaders Mohammed Atef and Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri as well as Refa’i Taha Musa, the head of the IG [al Gamma’a Islamayah, or Islamic Group], bin Laden sits next to [Day of Terror bombing conspirator Sheikh Omar Abdel] Rahman’s son, who calls on jihadis to ‘avenge your sheikh’ and ‘go to the spilling of blood.’ Bin Laden also tells his followers to remember El Sayyid Nosair, the man who spilled al Qaeda’s first blood in New York in 1990 with the murder of Rabbi [Meier] Kahane. While many intelligence analysts continue to link Iraq with the WTC bombing, it is clear by now that al Qaeda’s leadership under bin Laden is dominated by Egyptian radicals. …As is often the case, his fatwa is a precursor of violence to come.”

 – Peter Lance, Triple Cross, (Timeline) Page 29

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