1,724. 9/21/2000

“On September 21, 2000, he [bin Laden] issued another fatwa, this one released to Al Jazeera, the Arabic television network, on videotape.” Bin Laden “reminded the Feds of al Qaeda’s loyalty to the spiritual leader of the New York cell–blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, whom the Able Danger data miners had clearly linked to al Qaeda just months before. …Bin Laden himself told the faithful to remember [Rabbi Meier Kahane’s assassin] El Sayyid Nosair. For those in the Bureau [FBI] who continued to insist that there was no connection between the two attacks on the Trade Center, this video should have been proof positive that they were wrong. Osama bin Ladin was personally invoking the name of the very al Qaeda operative–trained by [al Qaeda double agent] Ali Mohamed–who had spilled the first al Qaeda blood on U.S. soil…almost a decade earlier.”

 – Peter Lance, Triple Cross, Pages 356-357

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