“President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday [9/7/2019] that he canceled a secret meeting with Taliban leaders that was poised to be held at Camp David on Sunday [9/8/2019].

In a series of tweets, Trump cited the death of a US soldier in a recent Taliban attack as his reasoning and said he’s also canceling ongoing peace negotiations.

This came less than a week after his top negotiator in ongoing US-Taliban talks said a peace deal had been reached ‘in principle.’ The deal would see 5,400 US troops withdraw from five bases in Afghanistan within 135 days.

The withdrawal of any of the roughly 14,000 US troops in Afghanistan is up in the air as the longest war in US history drags on.”

– John Haltiwanger, “Trump Says He Invited Taliban Leaders to Camp David for a Secret Meeting, but Canceled Because of a Recent Attack That Killed a US Soldier,” businessinsider.com, September 7, 2019