“It was August 7, 1998. …In Kenya, an Egyptian bomb-maker called ‘Saleh [Ali Saleh Nabhan]‘–one of [Egyptian Islamic Jihad leader Ayman al-] Zawahiri’s men–oversaw the construction of two huge explosive devices. The first was made of two thousand pounds of TNT. …Two Saudis…drove the truck through downtown Nairobi toward the American Embassy. At the same time, in Tanzania, Saleh’s second bomb was on its way to the American Embassy in Dar es Salaam. …Although the Quran specifically forbids the killing of women and children, one of the reasons the embassy in Kenya was targeted was that the death of the female American ambassador, Prudence Bushnell, would garner more publicity [Bushnell was injured but survived]. …The toll [in Nairobi] was 213 dead, including 12 Americans; 4,500 were injured, more than 150 of them blinded by the flying glass. …Nine minutes later. Ahmed the German [aka Ahmed Abdullah] drove his truck into the parking lot of the American Embassy in Dar es Salaam. …Fortuitously, between him and the embassy there was a water tanker truck. It was blown three stories high…but it prevented the bomber from getting close enough to bring the building down. The toll was 11 dead and 85 wounded, all of them Africans.”

 – Lawrence Wright, The Looming Tower, Pages 306-308