“In an August [3] 2005 interview, Brigadier General Janis Karpinski confirmed that Major General Geoffrey Miller was sent to Iraq in 2003 to assure that Secretary [of Defense Donald] Rumsfeld’s authorized interrogation tactics were used in Iraq. As Karpinski stated, ‘he said that he was going to use a template from Guantanamo Bay to *Gitm-oize* the operations out at Abu Ghraib’ and that a Rumsfeld memo was posted on a pole outside at Abu Ghraib: ‘It was a memorandum signed by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, authorizing a short list, maybe 6 or 8 techniques: use of dogs; stress positions; loud music; deprivation of food; keeping the lights on, those kinds of things. And then a handwritten message over to the side that appeared to be the same handwriting as the signature, and that signature was Secretary Rumsfeld’s. And it said, *Make sure this happens* with two exclamation points.’ ”

 – Jordan J. Paust, Beyond the Law, Pages 26-27