“On the evening of August 22 [1995], in a three-hour session [with a UNSCOM (United Nations Special Commission on Iraq) official], [Saddam’s estranged son-in-law Hussein] Kamel described aspects of the WMD program that had not been admitted previously by Iraq but also confirmed some parts. …Kamel did not dispute Iraq’s contention that it had eliminated chemical and biological weapons. …He made it clear that they intended to restart long-range missile production… He mentioned certain new aspects of the biological-weapons program, such as agents to destroy crops and research on viral agents. In the chemical-weapons field, he stated that Iraq had filled some bombs with VX [nerve agent] at the very end of the Iran-Iraq War, but had not used them. Overall, the impression was that they had reluctantly destroyed existing weapons, but had been struggling to retain the ability to restart the programs by concealing documents and certain equipment…”

 – Charles Duelfer, Hide and Seek, Pages 112-113