“A French-Algerian man has provided authorities with intricate details of a plot to carry out a suicide mission against the U.S. Embassy in Paris, saying he was recruited by Osama bin Laden’s deputy [Abu Zubaydah] and told the time to act had come, officials said Tuesday [October 2, 2001]. Djamel Beghal, 35, a French-Algerian, was extradited to France from the United Arab Emirates on Sunday and questioned in connection with an alleged terrorist ring. During initial discussions with French Judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere last month in Dubai, Beghal outlined the plot for a suicide mission against the U.S. Embassy in Paris that was to be carried out before March of next-year, according to court officials, who spoke on customary condition of anonymity. …The operation never materialized because Beghal was arrested July 28 [2001] in Dubai with a false French passport.”

 – “French-Algerian Man Details Plot on U.S. Embassy,” USA Today, Oct. 2, 2001