In his House of Representatives floor speech on July 21, 1992, Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez (D-TX) said: “An initial review of 73 cases in which [U.S.] licenses were granted by DOC or DOC/DOD [Department of Commerce/Department of Defense] from 1986-1989 [to Iraq] shows that licenses were granted for equipment with dual or not clearly stated uses for export to probably proliferation related end users in Iraq. This indicates that expanded license requirements and additional review of licenses could reduce U.S. contributions to [nuclear] proliferation activities. These cases concerned only exports for which a license had to be obtained; they indicate nothing about equipment that may have been exported freely because no license was required.
*During the period in question, at least 17 licenses were issued for the export of bacteria or fungus cultures either to the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) or the University of Baghdad.
*A known procurement agent for Iraqi missile programs, [redacted] was issued licenses to export computers to a missile activity and computers and electronic instruments to the IAEC.
*A license was issued to export a computer for a ‘fertilizer plant’ to the Iraqi Ministry of Minerals, which is known to be associated with the Iraqi CW
[chemical weapons] program.
*[Redacted] received a license to export equipment to the Nasser Establishment for ‘general military applications such as jet engine repair, rocket cases, etc.’
*Licenses were issued for the export to Iraq of computer-assisted design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and chemical process control equipment.
*[Redacted] had a license approved by DoD for a computer system for use with a furnace for ‘medical prostheses.’
*[Redacted] also had a license approved by DoD/DOC to export numerically controlled equipment related to crucibles.
*[Redacted] received a license to export ‘navigation/direction finding/radar/mobile communications’ equipment to Salah-al-Din, which is associated with an Iraqi missile project.
*DoD approved a license for the export of possible telemetry equipment to the Saddam General Establishment.”

 – Henry B. Gonzales (R-TX), “United States Policy to Arm Iraq,” Federation of American Scientists, July 21, 1992