From coverage of classified State Department documents exposed by WikiLeaks: “In June [27] 2007, the US embassy in Burundi reported an approach by a local elder alerting the Americans to a cache of uranium in a concrete bunker over the border in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He was concerned that it would fall into the hands of ‘the wrong people,’ specifically the Arabs who will ‘destroy’ people with it. At the request of the sceptical Americans, he returned a few weeks later with a Congolese smuggler who said he found the material hidden at an old Belgian colonial building. He had pictures of a wicker basket with a uranium cask inside, apparently the property of the country’s Atomic Energy Commission.”

 – Julian Borger and Karen McVeigh, “WikiLeaks Cables: How US ‘Second Line of Defence’ Tackles Nuclear Threat,” The Guardian, Dec. 19, 2010