“To consider and study the likely future of terrorism, the Pentagon conducted a secret study, called ‘Terror 2000[released on June 24, 1994], which was designed to help the intelligence world prepare to meet the threat. ‘…We were very concerned about the future tracks that terrorism might take,’ said Peter Probst, an expert on terrorism in the Pentagon’s Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict. …The group spent months investigating terrorism and turning its findings into a classified report that shocked the intelligence community. Terror 2000 suggested the terrorist threat was increasing. International terrorists would launch major attacks on the West, it predicted, home-grown terrorists would increasingly turn to weapons of mass destruction, including chemical and biological agents. The report was then presented to representatives from the CIA, FBI, NSA [National Security Agency], Defense Intelligence Agency, State Department, and senior officials from the telecommunications, computer and banking industries. It met with a barrage of cynicism.”

 – Simon Reeve, The New Jackals, Page 259